«The beautiful craftsmanship»

by Lars Saabye Christensen


The artist finds. The artist sees and finds: the subject, the material, the image - everywhere. It is on the shore, in the streets, the woods, at dusk and dawn: skin, silk, sea, light. Of this, which already exists, the artist creates something that didn't exist. The artist does not produce, but invents. Because what exists must be reinvented, in different contexts, orders, touches, forms. This is the poetic craft, emotional and objective. Cecilie Haaland, Solveig Ovanger and Ingrid Larssen do this, with precision and beauty. It is the spirit of the hand. They are local, their art belongs somewhere, in the surroundings, in their surroundings, at the same time they are universal; they create the recognizable, which you have never seen before.