Solveig Ovanger. Black Box 5.10. – 4.11.2012

by Torill Østby Haaland, art historian and leader of exhibition department. Text for Galleri yearbook 2012, North Norwegian Art Centre.


In the works of Solveig Ovanger the material itself is a basis and inspiration for experimentation. For this exhibition, she used the fish skin, a seemingly fragile material, which is exceptionally strong if you treat it the right way. Ovanger cures the skin using traditional and time-consuming techniques that she learned from the so-called "fish skin people" from Siberia. The skin has traditionally been used for clothes, bags and other items. Ovanger is, however, not focused on the value of use, but rather concentrates on the visual and associative properties of the skin. In the main work Hemisphere, the natural graphic graphic pattern of fish skin is taken further. The design is based on the mathematical fibonacci spiral, which represents a universal geometry that appears many places in nature.